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Welcome to Caveland Connection. We are a full service ISP offering Dialup Internet access, Web Hosting, over 31,000 USENET newsgroups, and superior technical support.

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1/29/2004 - There is a new version of webmail up at http://www.caveland.net/cgi-bin/WebMail/index.cgi. We apologize for the inconvenience, but these changes were necessary for providing our customers with the highest quality, reliable internet service. There are more changes coming in the next few weeks so check back soon.

1/26/2004 - Were sorry, but webmail is currently down for caveland.net, kyconnection.com, and horsecave.com customers. SCRTC is in the process of making some big changes for our customers, watch home page for announcments.
Thank You
SCRTC Total Communications

1/19/2004 - SCRTC would like to apologize for the mail and dial-up outages this weekend, our staff worked around the clock to restore service to you as soon as possible.

Mail is being processed at this time, but there is a backlog stretching back to Friday, so it may be awhile before mail sent or received Friday, Saturday, or Sunday is delivered.

SCRTC is committed to providing you the best service possible, if you have any questions, contact SCRTC customer support at scrtc@scrtc.com

10/07/2003 - As of October 3, 2003 I have discontinued operation of kyconnection.com. After negotiating with South Central Rural Telephone Cooperative (SCRTC), they agreed to continue service to kyconnection.com customers.

As of today, you should call the SCRTC help desk at 678-8233 or 528-8233 or 325-4600 or 427-4600 if you are experiencing any problems or have any questions regarding your Internet Service. You may also contact SCRTC customer support at scrtc@scrtc.com with any questions you might have. Any billing questions should be directed to SCRTC at 678-2111 or 528-2631.

We sincerely thank you for your past service with us. We will be sending everyone an email later today explaining these changes in further detail.

10/07/2003 - Spam Filtering is now back online. We have finished processing all of the backlogged email and are now resuming normal operations.

10/06/2003 - Email Services are back up and running normally. However, there is still quite a backlog of messages at this point, but they are processing through as quickly as possible. In order to facilitate the quick processing of all these backlogged messages, we have temporarily disabled spam filtering. Once the backlog is completely caught up, we will re-enable spam filtering.

10/06/2003 - The Email Service is still continuing to have problems, although we think we are well on our way to having the problems resolved. Due to our downtime from Thursday and Friday, we had accumulated over 65,000 emails on the server waiting to be delivered. We are in the process of delivering all those old messages and cleaning up the server. This may take several hours. While we are cleaning out this backlog, no one will be able to send any new mail. However, mail should now be being delivered to your inbox and you should be able to check for new mail. Once we have completely processed the backlog, we will re-enable sending of email.

10/03/2003 - WEBMAIL is back up and running. While the mail system was down, mail was saved in a queue and was not lost. Due to the size of the backlog, it may take a while for it all to be delivered to your Inbox.

10/02/2003 - NOTICEAs many of our customers may be aware, we have been moving equipment to a new location starting yesterday. During this time, many services (such as logging in or checking email) have been unavailable during this time. We are actively working on bringing these services back up as quickly as possible. Logins are currently working for those customer who dial using the Cave City (773-2047) and/or Fountain Run (434-5259) numbers. For customers who normally dial the Glasgow number, they should either:

  • Swith to one of the above numbers,
  • or switch to THE NEW GLASGOW NUMBER which is 678-2047.
Please note: The new Glasgow number is for dialup only. We also hope to have the problems with our voice lines resolved soon.

We regret that these changes have taken this much time. We anticipated only being down part of the day yesterday (not the whole day). Email IS currently working for those customers who check email using Outlook Express or some other similar program, but not for those who check their email via the webmail service. This is currently our top priority.

08/29/03 - NEW EMAIL FILTERING Over the course of this week, we have had a major problem with our outsourced email virus and spam filtering. This is what has caused major delays in recieving email this week. When we started the filtering, we went with an outsource company with a good reputation, with the hopes that the service would be stable, and cost effective. After the problems this week, we have decided to no longer outsource the filtering, and we now have a NEW EMAIL SERVER to do the filtering ourselves.

Our new filtering will work very much like how it has been, with a few differences. We are combining the spam quarantine system into our existing web page email system. Spam and webmail are now both located in the EMAIL link to the left. To log in, enter your email address and password, and click "LOGIN". We are combining our the spam quarantine into the existing web page email system. Please refer to the NEW FILTER INSTRUCTIONS

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